Financial Physics: Why the Lock Unlocks

"Why does the lock unlock?" That was the question asked of our Health Physics crew one evening when I was co-op student working at a nuclear power plant when I was in college. (I was a Chemistry major in those days.) One of the technicians on the crew had earned his doctorate in Physics, and … Continue reading Financial Physics: Why the Lock Unlocks

Money and Photography: f/8 and Be There

"f/8 and be there."unknown photographer The more I learn about managing my own money, the more I've come to realize that improving your financial picture consists of two things: You need a plan.You need your plan to be simple (as automatic as possible). And, while the photography-related quote I've chosen for this post reverses the … Continue reading Money and Photography: f/8 and Be There

Leading Off

Sulphur Springs, Texas… Third grade… P.E. class… Baseball! I step up to the plate, ready for that time-honored battle of hitter against pitcher. As the pitch is delivered, everything seems to be moving in slow motion. I swing the bat, crushing the ball (and, the ego of some poor woman’s 9-year old son).