Shouldn’t I Be Doing Something

Credit Card Debt? Gone. Car? Paid for. Bills? Payments are, for the most part, automated. Retirement Accounts? Getting funded more and more each year. Emergency Fund? Two months of expenses saved and on the way to way to three. Insurance? Life, health, dental, home, car, and personal liability...done. Discretionary Savings? All set up and getting … Continue reading Shouldn’t I Be Doing Something

Financial Physics: Why the Lock Unlocks

"Why does the lock unlock?" That was the question asked of our Health Physics crew one evening when I was co-op student working at a nuclear power plant when I was in college. (I was a Chemistry major in those days.) One of the technicians on the crew had earned his doctorate in Physics, and … Continue reading Financial Physics: Why the Lock Unlocks


I didn't always have a whole lot of self-esteem when I was younger. You see, I was a skinny kid growing up and I was a little self-conscious about it. So, late in my high school years, I started to work out. I made some nice gains, but it wouldn't be until I took control … Continue reading Wealth-Esteem

Money and Photography: The Best Plan You Have is…

"The best camera is the one you have with you."Just about every photographer ever I think it's fair to say that just about everyone carries a camera with them almost everywhere they go; that camera is attached to our cellphones. And, while our phones have had cameras in them since June of 2000 (released in … Continue reading Money and Photography: The Best Plan You Have is…