Should I Invest in Individual Stocks?

In my last post, I discussed my process for selecting mutual funds in an employer-sponsored retirement account. Within the context of a 401k or 403b, the options we have for our investment dollars are a well-curated, limited number of options. Once we venture into other types of accounts, we tend to get exposed to a … Continue reading Should I Invest in Individual Stocks?

Putting Money in Order

If given a choice, which would you choose? Freedom or frustration? I know it seems like a ridiculous question. But, over the years, I can see where I often chose frustration over freedom when I chose what to do with my hard-earned cash. It wasn't on purpose, of course. It's just that I had some … Continue reading Putting Money in Order

The Stock Market Won’t Save You; Invest Anyway

Forgive me for the somewhat splashy title on this post. And, I know, writing this post on the heels of a rough week in the stock market probably doesn't help. But, there is an idea that I hear from time to time as I listen to financial podcasts. To be clear, I don't hear this … Continue reading The Stock Market Won’t Save You; Invest Anyway

A Watched Port Never Grows

"A watched pot never boils."Almost Everybody's Grandma Hot Water Despite the fact that I attribute the above quote to "almost everybody's grandma," I was actually introduced to it in my high school chemistry class. It refers to the fact that, while you're cooking, a pot water seems to never come to a boil when you're … Continue reading A Watched Port Never Grows

Celebrating $0 Commissions

On October 1, 2019, Charles Schwab (the company, not the person) announced that it was reducing commissions for online trades of U.S. stocks, Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), and options. This bit of news may not have meant much to you if you don't have any equity investments outside of a 401k or 403b. But, for a … Continue reading Celebrating $0 Commissions