Debt Repayment: How Do We Do It?

As many of us look over our financial picture, we find that we've allowed some bad debt to creep into the frame. And, before we get too far into this post, this isn't going to just be another avalanche (focus on highest interest rate first) vs snowball (focus on smallest balance first) post. My path … Continue reading Debt Repayment: How Do We Do It?

Cash Flow Management System: The Comparison

OK. So, first, we looked at our income. Then, we looked at the necessary expenses that we have. Now, we run a quick comparison to see where we stand, so far. The comparison is rather simple. Estimated Income - Estimated Expenses (from necessities) = "where we stand, so far." Once you've performed the above calculation, … Continue reading Cash Flow Management System: The Comparison

Where Do You WANT Your Money to Go?

In my last post, I wrote about ways to set some long and short-term goals for what you want your life to look like. Now, it's time to put some numbers into getting there. Of course, we'll also need to start prioritizing our goals along the way, since most of us have a finite supply … Continue reading Where Do You WANT Your Money to Go?

Getting the Financial Ball Back

Imagine that you're playing football (the American version). You're on defense. Every single play, your opponent runs the ball for 4 yards, which would earn a first down every third play. By the way, the field is 1,000 miles long. You're not getting the ball back for a very long time if this keeps up. … Continue reading Getting the Financial Ball Back

Following a Financial Fitness Plan

Growing up, I was always a pretty skinny kid. Now that I'm in my mid-40s, I wish I still had a problem where I had to try really hard to gain weight. But, when I was in high school and college, it sucked quite royally. Round about the time I turned 18, I can remember … Continue reading Following a Financial Fitness Plan