Your Emergency Fund and Financial Agility

Ah, the emergency fund...that well-known, but often neglected, aspect of most of our financial lives. According to a survey conducted by in 2019, roughly 28% of Americans had no emergency fund, at all; another 25% had an emergency fund that would not cover at least 3 months of expenses. You may have also read … Continue reading Your Emergency Fund and Financial Agility

This Time is Different…For Me

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything here. With all of the news around COVID-19, I had a little trouble wrapping my brain around how all of this can eventually come back around to personal finance and how we execute our personal financial plans. I was batting around an idea when I came … Continue reading This Time is Different…For Me

Windfall Plan

It seems that Emergency Funds get all the press when it comes to unexpected money events. It makes sense, I guess. Most of us probably feel that bad things are more likely to happen in our financial lives than good. Not to mention that a few psychological studies show that we tend to twice as … Continue reading Windfall Plan


I didn't always have a whole lot of self-esteem when I was younger. You see, I was a skinny kid growing up and I was a little self-conscious about it. So, late in my high school years, I started to work out. I made some nice gains, but it wouldn't be until I took control … Continue reading Wealth-Esteem