Investments Show No Steam

I've gone through the practice of logging my net worth since 2016. I think it's a good way to track your overall progress (and process) over time, and helps to keep you on track with your financial plan. But, this year, a question about my net worth popped into my head. It's a question that … Continue reading Investments Show No Steam

Homework: How I Invest My Money

At the end of their recently released book, "How I Invest My Money", where 25 financial professionals wrote short essays outlining how they invest and why, editors/contributors Joshua Brown and Brian Portnoy invited readers to write their own essay outlining how they invest their own money. This post is my version of that essay. Enjoy! … Continue reading Homework: How I Invest My Money

Should I Invest in Individual Stocks?

In my last post, I discussed my process for selecting mutual funds in an employer-sponsored retirement account. Within the context of a 401k or 403b, the options we have for our investment dollars are a well-curated, limited number of options. Once we venture into other types of accounts, we tend to get exposed to a … Continue reading Should I Invest in Individual Stocks?