2021: Recycled Resolutions?

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, per se. Over the last few years, I have gotten better at setting goals; my goals just rarely occur around January 1. My process is more of an ongoing series of minor adjustments.

When 2020 rolled around, I had gotten my financial situation to a pretty nice place. The emergency fund was a little light, but every other account was looking pretty good. My investing practices have also skewed toward securing my retirement future more than planning for shorter term goals and enjoying today. So, my goals for 2020 centered around more socially-driven activities where I could enjoy myself a little more:

  • More concerts
  • More sporting events
  • Maybe finally try that “Art on the Rocks” thing in Birmingham. (I’ve noticed that every larger city seems to have some sort of “art & alcohol” event.)

Regardless of how well I might have carried out achieving these goals without a pandemic, I think you figured out how things actually went as soon as you read “socially-driven”.

Even as people are starting to get vaccinated for COVID-19, I still don’t feel like things will get back to normal in my area until August or September of 2021. So, I’m in a state of constantly rolling my 2020 goals forward to… whenever.

Looking ahead to the new year, it looks like my goals are pretty much the same as this time last year with a couple of key additions.

  • Continue to aggressively fund retirement accounts.
  • Continue direct deposits into emergency and discretionary savings, as well as taxable investment accounts to take care of more immediate wants and needs.
  • (NEW GOAL) Begin a relationship with an accountant, so I won’t have to do my own taxes.
  • (NEW GOAL) Contact an attorney to draft an estate plan in the first half of the year.
  • All of those 2020 goals I listed earlier to the extent that COVID and common sense will allow.

After a year like 2020, making new goals and resolutions can seem a little weird. Weird as it may be, setting goals and improving how we do things is important if we want to improve ourselves. Even though I look over my goals for 2021 and see a lot of recycling, I can look back at 2020 and see improvements in some areas.

  • Added to my emergency fund
  • Made a few improvements around the house
  • Shored up my insurance with a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy (usually just referred to as an “umbrella policy”)
  • Started learning how to make better use of some of the software I owned to try to improve this blog

As for the two 2021 goals that are new, I added those a couple of months ago, actually. Let’s not forget that resolutions can be made and updated at any time. So, if you don’t have any resolutions to set, right now, keep thinking about things and maybe something will show itself in the coming weeks.

Wishing everyone a great 2021 full of realized goals and a return to good times with family and friends.

Thank you for reading.

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