Goals and Distractions

Over the past year or so, I’ve found it easier to execute some of my plans.

Read for this many minutes each night.

Write at least this much every day.

Put this much money into those accounts every pay period.

And, with each passing day, week, month, and (I suppose) year, the plan just gets easier to execute and the results begin to show themselves more…

consistently and…impressively…with each…

What…what is that?

Oh, it’s a nice round number milestone of that thing I’ve been tracking. That would be awesome to accomplish.

Excuse me while I abandon some plans, break some habits, and try to force the issue on this one thing.

From time to time, my focus will get diverted away from my process (where I have more control) and toward my results (where I have less control). From time to time, systematically investing a portion of my income gives way to a nice looking account balance or net worth value. Learning and writing processes give way to “how many views and likes are my posts getting?”.

I have to remind myself that, as long as I insist on any amount of DIY investing, that I have no control over whether the stock market will go up on a particular day and vault me over some arbitrary round number that I like. All I can do is keep executing my plan.

Also, I have no real control over whether you clicked on this post and gave it a read. And, if I want you to come back, I need to keep expanding my knowledge and improving my writing ability to make it worth your while.

I could come up with any number of other areas where I get distracted and start to focus on the wrong things. Maybe, you have a few ideas of your own from your experiences.

It was just time for me to remind myself of this, I guess.

Thank you for visiting Finunciate. Come back soon.

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